Writing Articles That Convert – Four Rules You Need to Know

Writing articles is one thing, and just about anyone can do it. However, writing articles that convert is another. What does it take to write articles that convert, and what should you do different if your articles give you very little results?

The first step you need to take if you want to write an article that people are going to want to read, is learn how to find good titles. The title of your article is really what sells your article. Let’s say you write the exact same article with two different titles; once with good converting keywords and once without. What do you think the result would be? If you were to compare how many readers you had for that very same article you would be surprise.

Rule number one: To find a good title you need to research your keywords. Who is your target market? What message do you want to convey? This should help you find your keywords.

Rule number two: Put the keywords of your title first, and then extend your title if you wish. For example, the keywords of this article are: “Writing Articles That Convert”. The second part: “Four Rules You Need to Know!” is the extension of the title. As you can see my keywords are on the first part of my title.

Rule number three: Make sure your content add some value to the knowledge of the reader. Once your title has done its job, you need to keep the reader interested with your article content. If you are not a very good writer, you can find a collection of free materials that will help you to get better. Practice is also a great tool to get better at what you want to improve on. Practice writing and you will become a better writer.

Rule number four: Create an attractive resource box. Once you have managed to attract your reader with your title, and kept him interested enough to read through your whole article, your job is to make sure he will click on your link.

A good pulling resource box is not a paragraph about your personal achievements. Most time people won’t really care about who you are, they care about what you have for them. Write a compelling and eyeball pulling resource box where you invite your reader to click on the link, by offering something more. What you are offering could be more to learn about or a free gift.

The selling will happen later. Right now you want your reader to click on your link and build a relationship with him. Once your reader has done that, your article has done its job and you will have created a great article that converts as it should.

Article writing is one of the most rewarding things you could do if you want to extend your reach to the public and grow your list like crazy. Do you want to learn more about writing? You can download my FREE tutorial Ezine Article Writing Secrets here.

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