Writing Articles For Money – Not Without a Resource Box

If you want your article to get more visitors to your website, blog or affiliate website, you will have to create a Resource Box. It’s main goal is to make your article ‘sell’ or get people to click through. You achieve this by putting the right words in the right place, but it’s an art few writers seem to have mastered.

Now why not just put your name and link in there and wait for people to stream into the next page? Because it simply just won’t work. People need a little encouraging. In this particular instance it will be as a Resource Box.

What parts does a Resource Box consist of?
-First of all your name or writing alias.
-Then some personal info and a little proof of your knowledge concerning the topic.
-A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to give them a good reason to click through.
-A link to click through on.
-A call to action.

Your name is really important because it’s essential to establish an article brand. The more interesting articles read with your name under it, the more loyal followers you will get. This results in more clicks, etc.

Personal information and experience puts people at ease. This kind of proof of your knowledge is the key to winning your readers confidence, make them connect to you. It will make it a lot easier on them to make that extra click.

The USP is your leverage, people love free stuff, so give it to them. Your USP can include a subscription to your ezine, a free report, a free ebook or a couple of chapters out of it, free trial software, more information, … You get the idea. Free stuff makes people interested.

Integrate your link fluently in your call to action. Something like: “For a free report on how to make perfect fries, goto http://www….” Make sure the link is in proper url form, this means http://www.your-website.com. Make sure the link is relevant to your article topic. Don’t include more than 2 links.

The call to action is important, literally ask your reader to click on the link or they won’t. I know it sounds silly but apparently it works. I think it’s something psychological, ask people to do something and most of the time they will if they can. One call to action is more than enough.

Now you know the basics it’s time to start writing some killer resource boxes.

As a high school dropout, Graham never really had a choice but starting to do a night time factory job. He was barely earning a decent living and had trouble supporting his family, until he discovered article marketing. It helped Graham to afford to quit the factory, start a part time day job and still earn a very nice amount from home. And it can do the same, and more, for you!

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