Making friendship bracelets For Friends

Friendship bracelets are for wearing on the wrists. It can be worn by all ages. There are several types of friendship bracelets depending on the type of make it has. It can be round, flat, crossed, candy stripped etc. and can have various colors as well.

What is more important to have for making friendship bracelets? It is embroidery thread. Normally these threads are available at home if you have a mom or granny who is interested in doing handicrafts like sewing and embroidery. If you don’t have them, you can buy some of your favorites from a nearby sewing shop. Embroidery threads are somewhat thicker than the normal thread used for stitching. They are available in many colors. You can choose the colors of your like.

For making an average sized bracelet, you will need a thread of size running from the fingertips to the shoulder. This is one piece of thread. If you want to have two pieces of the same color, cut another piece of the same size. Cut the equal sized threads of other colors which you want to use as well. Here we are going to have 6 strands of threads of 6 different colors.

Now you have 6 pieces of threads. It is advisable to choose more than 2 different colors to give away a colorful and cheerful look of the friendship bracelet. Tie all the 6 strands at one end with a knot. This will keep all the strands in place and will let an easy grasp and hold of the threads while working on them. Plus, the knot will help in keeping the knotted bracelet in shape for longer run of time.

The left most strand of thread should be moved forward and given a knot. It should be pulled through the open area among the threads and then brought upwards for making a tight knot. This knotting process is repeated on the same strand.

Now bring the first thread to the right side and repeat the above knotting steps using a new strand every time. This is how the first row of the threads will be completed horizontally. New row can be started afterwards by using the leftmost strand now, which will be different now. The same process is repeated for all the threads and their knots.

The length of the bracelet should be enough to be worn easily around your wrist. Always leave some extra room as bracelets usually shrink in water. When the bracelet has the desired length, give a knot to the other open end. Different types of decorations like beads, stars, ribbons can be added.

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