Article Marketing Secrets – How to Reach a Wider Audience With Your Articles

As effective as article marketing can be in driving targeted traffic to your website, it can also be limiting because you reach only a certain segment of your market. Let’s face it; some people hate to read and they don’t go around searching for good articles online.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that these people are out of your reach, however. What if you could reach them in another way? Here are two good ways to do it:

• Video

Believe it or not, it’s not that difficult to turn your articles into videos and reach a wider group of people. There are two basic ways to turn your articles into video.

First, you can create a “slideshow” with the main points of your article imprinted on individual slides that flow together when played. You can set this slideshow to music, or speak the points out loud and “narrate” the entire slideshow.

Or you can actually videotape yourself speaking about your article’s topic. I don’t recommend merely “reading” the article out loud on video – that could get boring fast. Rather, turn the main article points into a commentary as you speak directly to the viewers.

For example, if you wrote an article about how to make a blog profitable, you would have a list of several ways to do that, all of which can be “discussed” by you on video. Simply talk to the viewers just as you would if you were speaking to a friend about it. At the end of the video, mention your website address so people can visit for more information. Then load the video at popular video sites, and you can even embed it in your own blog or website pages.

• Audio

You can also turn your articles into audio files (often called “podcasts”) in MP3 format and allow them to be downloaded. Doing this requires an audio program like Audacity, plus a microphone connected to your computer. (If you don’t have a microphone, there are also services like Audio Acrobat that allow you to record your articles by telephone.)

Once again, simply reading your article out loud isn’t the best approach because it can sound terribly robotic and boring. Instead, a better approach is to have a short list of points you wish to cover, and simply speak about them as if you were explaining them to a friend. Be sure to mention your website address so people can visit for more information.
Then you can post the audio file on your website or blog, send it to your subscribers, or post it on a podcast directory for public access.

Simply by converting your articles into another media, you can reach a much larger audience and maximize the mileage you get from every article you write.

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