Spectacular Content Marketing Tips – Benefits of Content Optimization

Benefits of Content Optimization

If you started optimizing your content right now, what would the results of that be?

• Massive Reach – By converting your content into multiple formats, you will be able to relate to a wider variety of people than by a single context.

• System Creation – By going over the same content multiple times, you will begin to develop templates and methods. You will polish and perfect the communication of certain points of the content each time you revisit it. As you observe some techniques working better than others, you will be able to hone your skills for the most effective delivery of your information.

• Know Your Market Better – By repeatedly going over the same information, you will begin to know your market better. On the flip side of that, they will also begin to know you better. The more familiar you are to them, the better your chance of obtaining their trust and loyalty.

Roadblocks of Content Optimization

There are stumbling blocks that can prevent you from optimizing your content. Just what could stop you from doing something that sounds so simple? Let’s take a look:

1. Breaking Your Comfort Zone – When you have spent much time working with one particular format of content, it can be intimidating to convert to another. For example, someone that writes articles all the time may be uncomfortable presenting that same content in a video presentation. This can hold some people back from exploring other contexts.

2. Context Confusion – Deciding which context to convert to can be difficult. There are so many choices it can be overwhelming. The most difficult part is starting out.

3. Multiple Context Personalities – Because there are so many contexts to convert to, people often find that they spread themselves too thin. Because there are so many great ideas running around in their head, they find themselves trying to do it all by themselves, working on one thing today and another tomorrow. Without focus, none of them will be accomplished.

Strategies to Overcome Roadblocks

1) Always review Kipling’s Six Servants of Content Optimization – Know who your market is, what context the content will be in, where the audience wants the content, when they’ll want it, why it’s important, and how to get it into the context desired.

2) Never invent the content – Always improve your content by reusing, repurposing, repackaging, or recycling. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. The same information is simply reformatted to a different context.

3) Outsource – Strengthen your strengths. Continually work toward improving those talents that come easily to you while you outsource your weaknesses. If one form of context is extremely difficult for you to convert into, outsource it to someone that actually enjoys doing that.

By overcoming the roadblocks and optimizing your content today you will extend your reach massively. You will develop a system for converting your content into other formats and you will know your market better and become better known by your market. It is worth the effort and will become easier as you go.

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