Anger and Meditation

Since many religious leaders and groups look at anger as one of the deadliest sins, getting angry is one of the least feelings that people want to express and experience. But actually, getting angry is normal for a person.

Every individual is susceptible to anger; even children as young as 4 years old can exhibit signs of anger. This is a person’s normal reaction once he or she feels humiliated, violated or hurt. This may also be a person’s reaction to frustration and loss.

Anger is commonly categorized into 12 types: constructive anger, behavioral anger, deliberate anger, passive anger, self-inflicted anger, chronic anger, retaliatory anger, paranoid anger, verbal anger, overwhelmed anger, judgmental anger, and volatile anger.

Nevertheless, even if it’s a normal feeling, it doesn’t mean that you’ll let it control you. Anger can have many terrible consequences when left unmanaged. Among the many effects of this feeling include chronic lower back pains and stomach problems.

Studies also suggest that anger can have biological effects on a person’s heart and arteries. It is known to increase the development of fatty deposits in the heart and arteries. Later on, this condition can trigger the development of heart attacks and other heart diseases.

Many people who are unable to manage their anger can also develop high blood pressure. Some people may also develop eating disorders and other psychological problems or may become addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Now there are many ways that can help you control your anger. However, among the most popular methods for controlling anger is meditation. This relaxation technique has been around for many centuries and it has proven its effectiveness for controlling not only anger but stress as well.

Meditation can help people attain inner peace and happiness. Usually, experts recommend to people to practice while listening to soft music like Holosync meditation music CD can help you get into a state of relaxation easier.

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The author is a health care specialist that deals studies on the subject of alternative medicine.

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