A Healthy Breakfast Will Help You Lose Weight and Function Better!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It must get tiring hearing this so often, but let’s face it, it’s true! Eating breakfast doesn’t have to be such a pain and now you don’t have to skip it either. Time is definitely not on our side early in the mornings, which seems like a good reason to sip on coffee and wait until lunch. This approach is not healthy and if done regularly it will actually make you gain unwanted weight. Eating a healthy and complete breakfast is actually one of the quickest ways to lose weight!

Why does skipping breakfast make you gain weight? Simply because it causes overeating; skipping breakfast, will make you become a lot hungrier by the time lunchtime arrives. By then, you would be eating more calories than you would have if you had eaten breakfast, and obviously eating a lot at one sitting will always make you gain weight.
A major problem for many these days is that eating breakfast takes too much time out of your morning. It has been proven that eating every three to four hours helps keep blood sugar levels normal; so skipping breakfast should not be an option whatsoever. In order to remain healthy, you should always eat breakfast, and if you don’t have time, there are many solutions to that.

It is almost a necessity to eat on the run. The most important thing is to avoid the type of lifestyle that forces you to grab the quickest thing around the corner, which most likely would be a muffin, cookies, or some other type of pastry. The alternative to this is to prepare your breakfast the night before, keep foods in the house that require little or no preparation, or buy healthy on-the-run foods such as fruits and granola bars.

The following are some things to keep in mind about eating breakfast:

* If you are eating granola bars, make sure that each granola bar contains at least three to four grams of fiber, less than eight grams of sugar, and less than three grams of fat
* Avoid sugary cereals, pastries and white bread. They digest quickly and will leave you hungry after a few hours
* Eating breakfast will help you concentrate better and it will also jump start your metabolism
* A healthy breakfast should contain protein and fiber. Some examples of healthy breakfast choices are cereals with a high amount of fiber, oatmeal, eggs and whole grains

A healthy breakfast will help you maintain your desirable body weight and even allow you to lose weight. Eating breakfast will force to consume most of your calories before noon or lunchtime, which will in time result in weight loss. Learning about how to lose weight the right way consists of a diet that offers healthy foods that require little preparation and lots of variety for a complete breakfast. Now you have no excuse to skip breakfast, and with this new diet, you wouldn’t want to!

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By Hanieh F. Khosroshahi

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