Your Thoughts Make Your Days

A number of persons have pondered over how to program mind control in the self in order to accomplish the mind over matter challenge. Our minds are truly powerful tools, and with the right training, may be our biggest asset towards accomplishing success and improvement in quality of life. For the most part, what we imagine in our minds is an ideal scenario of what we would like our lives and our surroundings to be like. At the same time, in dealing with everyday life and situations which are substandard to our ideal, it is our brain that tells us to keep forging forward from day to day, and that the scenarios we face are not at all too negative. Mind over matter is a very strong statement to cling on to, regardless of how cliché it may already be. Because our brains truly are capable of telling the body that it is ok to keep going, to keep on pushing the limit of what seems possible and impossible.

Studies show that brainwaves function similarly while processing imaginative images and real occurrences. This may be how the mind effectively coerces the body to keep pushing, by instilling in it a state of positivity regardless of the negative and untoward elements and occurrences in the external environment. With the brain functioning nonstop, it can manage to create a feeling that may be associated to when an individual is daydreaming of the utopian scenario he or she aspires for, putting the body in a relaxed yet headstrong condition, making the notion of impossibility a minute issue.

Along with this, further studies lead us to believe that how to program mind filters is innate in us. Each person’s brain is capable of screening the thought, ideas, sights, sounds and situations it processes, only making notes of things which are relevant to that which is ideal in a person’s mind. That includes relativity both in a negative and positive sense, and our powerful brain is able to tell in an instant whether a certain something is an asset or a hurdle. One must remember that developing an ideal scenario in the mind is triggered by the imagination, and filling out bits and pieces of this scenario happens sporadically throughout the day, an automatic function of our brain. In filtering actual encounters, our brain is able to pinpoint those hurdles, and almost instantly our imagination is triggered to create a reverse scenario in our minds, one which conforms to our ideal.

It is for this reason that training the self to be positive is essential in how to program mind. Maintaining an optimistic outlook helps train the imagination to see things in a more constructive sense, thereby easing the brain into converting everyday developments into what it thinks of as an ultimate condition. Many new age beliefs say that what you receive is that which you ask from the universe. All things that go through your mind, whether lived out in reality or constructed in the imagination make up what you ask of the universe. And that is why a positive way of thinking is beneficial to each person.

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