Descriptions} Of Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are the symbols of Friendship between two or more friends. They are also called “Friendship bands” in some countries. Mostly it is shared between friends without any special occasion because it is sharing of feelings between the two and does not demand any condition. They are also presented as gifts on birthdays, friendship day and on other special occasions.

As it has a worldwide attractiveness, every country has its own meanings of friendship bracelets. In some countries, these are called “Friendship Bands” and in some, people just name them “Bands”. There are a lot of variations and meanings of these bracelets. But the purpose is only one “To Express Feelings of Care, Love and Affection” to some special friend.

If we go into the history of the this bracelet, it has very different meanings. The old traditions from which these bracelets were created believed on two different meanings:

One friend presents friendship bracelet to another friend to fulfill a wish. She ties that bracelet on her wrists. A friend who is wearing bracelet makes some wish with the belief that when the bracelet will fall off naturally, the wish will come true. This belief still prevails in some countries.
The other meaning is about the bitterness of the friendship that how this sweet relation turns into a bitter relation. The theme is that when one friend presents friendship bracelet to another friend and a receiver of the bracelet wears it out without falling off naturally, subsequently their friendship will turn into a bitter relation.

In today’s world, this concept of wish and sourness is almost vanished, although, still prevails in only some countries. The whole concept of these bracelets in today’s world is to express. Some people are not much expressive and are quite shy to let their friends know how much they are special. Therefore, Friendship bracelets are made for such shy people to express the feelings by presenting to their special friends.

Friendship Bracelets are believed to be a source of “Patch up” between two friends. Due to some reason or misunderstanding, a dispute arises between two friends. In such a situation, one of the parties compromises and presents it to the other annoying party to be friends again and to forget about what happened between them in the past.

There are different meanings prevailing in different regions. In some countries, it is used to express the “never-ending Friendship”. In some countries, bracelets are described according to their different colors.

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