Trainers work in many different areas, mainly educating employees of companies on specific topics of workplace importance. Some trainers are in-house, and others work for training companies.

Trainers often work within the Human Resources department of a company, fulfilling the most frequent internal needs for education of the workers and management in a company.

In certain cases companies hire external trainers, especially if the needed knowledge is not available within the own trainers pool or if the company is too small to have internal trainers or if the project is too large for the in-house training staff.

Many companies specialize in specific areas of training such change management, leadership, diversity management, communications and technology.

Many times people confuse the term training facilitator and trainer. As opposed to the facilitator the trainer does take an active role and transmits mainly knowledge.

Nowadays, corporate training responsibilities are also outsourced to third party companies. This could be also due to the unavailability of the expertise among the existing resources.

The organizations which provide training service are the specialists in their respective fields. The clients either opt for consultation or try out online leaning from these organizations which provide training. Every organization wants to be well equipped with the latest technology prevailing in the market.

IT certification courses are also available for a short period of time like a week long or for ten days. They are more like workshops held by the companies. The main aim of an organization is to increase the efficiency and productivity.

Corporate IT training is by far the most valuable and cost effective trainings that the companies are investing in. It allows an organization to compete with others in the market.

It is important to cope up with the ever-changing technologies. Each day there is something new being introduced in the market and it is extremely crucial to gain all the knowledge and updates about it.

Most of the times, the employees are sent for programs which are irrelevant. It is always wise to use other resources strictly according to the company requirements.

Sometimes the independent training companies also sign up a contract for stationing their trainer inside the outsourcing company for a certain period of time.
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