Valentine’s Day Short Love Poems

Valentine’s Day is the obvious day you are supposed to be romantic. You are supposed to write short love poems and romantic messages. You are supposed to buy chocolates and get flowers. You should get her a card as well filled with love words. Or so you think.

The problem with that is if you’re not romantic the rest of the year and you’re just going through the motions, there’s a good chance it won’t mean much to your wife. Anything romantic you attempt won’t be received well by your spouse or count in your favor if you don’t have an intent to love and appreciate your spouse. Romance is successful when it’s about doing something for your wife that actually has meaning to her. And what has meaning to you may not have meaning to her. Think of the TV Show “Tool Time” when Tim Taylor buys tools for his wife for her birthday.

What could you do that would really mean something to her? That would show her you went out of your way to be thoughtful to her? What’s something you normally wouldn’t do or wouldn’t think of? If you’ve been paying attention to what your wife says, she’ll leave hints and clues, even if she does so unexpectedly. What’s something your wife has wanted from you for a while that you haven’t done.

I’ve noticed with my wife that if she ever tells me with emotion that she wants me to do something, it’s usually because I haven’t been doing it for months and she’s been waiting for me to do so. I remember a period of some months where we spent time together on the weekends, but I hadn’t taken her out on a date date for some time. She was sure to let me know about it after a while. I’m very much back on track now, and I’ve got something really special planner for her for Valentine’s Day. So here’s my latest short love poem for Valentine’s Day.

My Special Valentine

YES! Of course, YES! My dear
YES! You are special to me
I may forget on occasion
Perhaps for some months a few

For me you may pine at times
You may doubt I’m remembering you
But I know that love is unending
And only occurs in each moment

I know each day you require
A dose of my love for hire
I’m here right now with you, love
And every moment from past til future

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