Fish Oil Capsules And Vitamin D Are The Means Of Getting Healthy

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How can Fish Oil Capsules Help You Get Healthy?


You can get a lot of health benefits from fish oil capsules and vitamin D. Diligent researches have been made to discover all the health benefits that you can take from fish oil today. With the constant discoveries more and more people are shifting to taking fish oil capsules by replacing their usual multivitamins.

The good thing about fish oil is that aside from the present health benefits that it can give you, there are still quite a number of studies being done in discovering what more it can do for you. It is like taking a pill that you can benefit from but do not know what other good things it can do in your body. The only thing you know is that you feel better and perform better physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Fish oil taken from cod fish liver was the first fish oil capsules and Vitamin D and A. Of course, it has the omega-3 fatty acids which were the main purpose of extracting fish oil from fish. The problem with this type of fish oil is that it contains too much Vitamin D and Vitamin A that by taking them at a regular basis, it resulted to vitamin toxicity because of the accumulation of both vitamins in the system.

As we know, the Vitamin D aids our system to attract calcium which is obviously needed for healthier and stronger bones and teeth. The Vitamin A on the other hand helps out in the battle against infection plus it improves vision at night.  However, fish oil manufacturers have found other sources of fish oil such as mackerel and sardines, blue and yellow fin tuna, and other sources. These fish that are harvested in the deep and cold water of the ocean are rich with those essential fatty acids. This is because the deep water has also an abundant supply of microalgae. The microalgae are the ones responsible for the production of omega-3 fatty acids in the fish meat. Thus, these specific algae are part of the consumption of marine animals like fish and other predatory fishes. They accumulate the omega-3 in their tissues.

With the sourcing of omega-3 from other fishes other than cod fish oil, manufacturers have taken extreme measures by purifying the fish oil from toxins such as mercury and other toxins for safer consumption. Other manufacturers have removed the vitamins A & D and replaced it with synthetic vitamins. This type of oil only increases the dangers of vitamin toxicity. It is recommended to purchase high quality fish oil that contains omega-3 fatty acids alone and take a separate source to compensate for vitamin A & D deficiency. There are other fish oil capsules and Vitamin D and A combined that are not synthetically added but with little amounts of the said vitamins.

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