Short Love Poems For Christmas

Christmas and the holidays are a great time to write short love poems, love words or romantic messages for your partner. Just make sure that special occasions aren’t the only time you do something special. Christmas is great because you get to give gifts, you can surprise her and you can do a myriad of things to make her feel special. Love poems are a great way to make that happen.

Here are some possibilities. And these can all go in conjunction with writing a poem. Write a short love poem and use it hand in hand with a mistletoe. Let your imagination run wild here. You can do the 12 poems before Christmas. You can give her a gift and write a poem that hints at what the gift is. Or the poem can be a riddle. You can take your wife out for a nice dinner, winter activities or do service around the house for her. And then your short love poem will be written about the activity or gift you’ve planned. Or you can write a poem completely separate from all that.

You can write about how you were the Grinch before you met her. Then when you met your heart grew three sizes too big. You can pretend to be Santa Claus and give your wife what she wants. Whatever you do, though, make sure it means something to her. Get in her world. Put your attention on her. What does she like? What’s important to her?

Does she like diamonds? Or does she like a cozy night by the fire? Does she like service? Or does she like gifts? Maybe she just wants to spend time with you. Maybe she loves your poems. Maybe she wants to feel special, loved, and adored. How can you make your wife feel like she’s the most special thing in the world to you? That’s what the intent of your short love poem should be about.

The specific love words don’t matter. Your intent is what matters. If you have the right intent and you place your attention on her, you’ll make her feel special. Especially if heartfelt love poems would mean a lot to her coming from you.

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