Your Inside Out Swing Game

How many times when you are down at your local club chatting away about how to improve your golf swing, and friends say to you “You must swing from the inside out,” or “You need to swing more down the line.” “Yeah I know,” you say. But do you? So here is a common drill to help learn.

Let’s place your ball down as you normally would. We shall then take a second ball or tee and place it about 15-18 inches in front of our ball. We then move this second ball or tee 6 inches to the right of this position. We now have everything set.

We now grab one of our irons and start to swing with half swings. We must make our normal backswing however on our forward swing we strike our ball from an inside path sufficiently enough so that our club head passes over our second ball or tee on the follow through.

You must do this drill time and time again till your body and feelings get very comfortable with this swing path. It is sometime referred to as body mechanics.

If your clubface is square to this path your ball will travel to the right of your target line. However if your clubface is closed to this path the ball will start in the right hand direction, however because of the spin upon the ball it will produce a draw or a hook depending on how closed the face is of your club. This is actually very handy for golfers like me when you need to get around a tree or large obstacle.

Once we are comfortable with our half swing we then increase our swing to ¾ then up to a full swing. From here we can increase our club size till we get to the woods and driver.

When you are totally comfortable with this inside swing path modify the drill and move the front ball or tee directly in front of your ball and about 15-18 inches out in front. Do the same drill swinging over the second ball or tee. You will find that you still swing with that inside path, however not as sharply. This is what they call down the line.

If you practise these two drills it will lock in the body mechanics of the two swings.

The swing drill will help you with accuracy and with a nice draw or hook on your ball will gain a lot of distance, which you will adjust for by club choice.

Get out there, practise hard and above all, Have Fun.

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