Using Articles To Promote Your Websites

You just built your first website and now everyday you keep checking your stats to see how many visitors you got yesterday. 0 maybe 1 visitor and that was probably you checking to see if it looks ok. Didn’t you read somewhere that if you build it they will come. It’s no longer the case anymore, to get visitors to your sites you have to promote them.

An easy way and still probably one of the best ways to get traffic is by “writing articles and submitting to article directories”

All you need to do is write around 300-500 words about something interesting or you have knowledge about, or even a how to guide. You can write about anything and any subject.

If you are using the articles to get visitors then you need to write your articles on the niche you’re working on. So for the niche weight loss I would write say 300 words on how to get abs in 30 minutes a day. You need to create a catchy title that instantly tells them hey look my article is on getting abs.

Your articles offer the reader what they want to know and then at the end of the articles you can leave a resource box so if they want to know more information they can visit your site through your link.

The resource box serves you 2 ways, 1 you get visitors clicking through to your sites and 2 you leave your website url in the article and when its published. Search engines will see your website link and credit you with a “backlink” the more backlinks you get the more your websites will rise in the search engines and eventually getting you to the almighty #1 spot.

Backlinks can be in the form of anchor links which you want search engines to find; say one of your resource boxes with the anchor text “Weight Loss” this means that every backlink registered with weight loss in it will help you in getting a good position for the anchor text you are going for. I wouldn’t recommend weight loss though as it’s a very competitive keyword.

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