Three Easy Tips to Write Articles Faster

Articles writing can be a life-long career. The more articles you write, the more earnings you get. Therefore, if you choose writing articles, learn how to accelerate your speed.


Want to write fast? Here’s how.


1. Know What You Want to Achieve: Create Goals and Plans


You’ll write faster when you know what you want to achieve. Start by creating some goals for your article writing business.


Writing as a second job? If you’re a writing articles to generate a second income, creating goals is vital.


Decide how much income you want to make, but also decide on how you want to expand your business over the next 12 months.


Create your goals in this format: “I …”.


For example, “I make 250 from my article writing this week”. Or: “I find five new clients this month”.

Notice that the goal-setting format includes “I”, and that it’s written in the present tense. If you’re thinking that your goals written in this format are affirmations, you’re right.


Be careful of writing your goals as “I will”, or “I want to”. The danger here is that these goals have no deadlines, which make them meaningless — they encourage procrastination.


2. Keyword Inspiration: Use It Every Day


When you’re writing articles, you know that your articles will be found by searchers using keywords. It’s great inspiration to generate a list of 20 or 30 keywords, and then generate titles from those keywords.


Once you’ve generated the titles, you now have a list of articles to complete.


3. The Simplest Outline Ever: Create a List


Each day, decide how many articles you will write, and then expand your titles by making a list of points you want to cover under each title.


Work on your articles until you get them done, or if you are writing as a second job, take your list of article titles with you to your primary job and work on your articles in your lunch hour.


Writing you articles quickly is a skill which develops over time. If it takes you two hours to write your first article, then you’ll be amazed that within a month you have cut that time in half easily — without any sweat at all. Within two months, you’ll write each article in ten to 20 minutes.


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