The Perfect Happy

In this world there are three types of men- Great,Medium and Worst.He who is great can mix with the worst at ease.But he who is medium can’t mix with the Great and even avoids the Worst.In this world he who is regarded great bears no evil thoughts within himself.He is devoid of any brutal ideas.He is emboldened with his own brevity,own spirit.He is goaded by conscience all the time.He knows it quite well that there is no power in the world that can drag him from his ideals,no man can mislead him.He has such confidence within that he believes even he can drag the fallen soul from the hell.Hence he easily mixes with the evil persons.He is always happy and the Way to Happiness is never elusive to him.

But the Medium man is a narrow minded one having all the time a calculating attitude.He never moves an inch without prior calculations,hence he is always scared to mix with the Great one lest his activities are faulted.For this reason he always keeps himself far away from others. He never finds the Way to Happiness. He can’t tolerate the Medium one lest he should lose his honor.Out of despise he maintains a distance from him.That’s why the Medium man has to lead a desolate life all the while.Target Happiness can never be his slogan.All he can do is to go alone along a desolate track.

But the Great heart faces no such problem as he has never to brood over these issues. He enjoys free access to everywhere after his heart.Every where he achieves honor and people are inspired to come in contact with that person.In this world he is the only happy man as he bears grudge against none, has no ill feelings for none.He has a broad heart like the ocean where any body can have a plunge to make them cool form the burns caused by agony, despair and unhappiness.


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