The Joys of Giving Your Dog a Bath – Happiness is an All Natural Dog Shampoo

Jump for joy! It’s bath time for the dog again. Everyone is happy and enjoying some quality time together. Then you have to spoil the moment. You decide your beloved animal companion needs a bath. And the fun begins.

Naturally, you prepare ahead and get everything ready; shampoo, towels, bathwater, etc. And the entire time you are scheming how to trick your four legged friend into the bathroom. Of course, she, (in my case) has picked up on the idea from the get go and is now well hidden somewhere in the house. Thus, the game of Hide and Seek has begun.

After much cajoling, and half a box of dog cookies, the two of you bond once again in the bathroom and are now ready for the wash cycle.

Here is a great home made shampoo recipe to use that is detergent free and helps soothe any skin problems.

In a container combine:

· 2 tsp liquid Castile soap
· 2 Tbsp Aloe Vera Gel
· 1 tsp vegetable glycerin or vegetable oil
· 2 cups water

Shake well.

All is going well as you lather up your 4 legged baby, now content with the hands on attention she/he is getting. Not to mention, that the bath really does make one feel better.

Rinsing off, whether with a shower hose or a pitcher of water, signals action time again; its play time for your water-loving dogs while others will feel the need to flee since you are trying to drown them. (Then they will lay a guilt complex on you for doing so).

If you had the presence of mind to close the bathroom door after playing hide and seek, drying off will be easy come, easy go. If you didn’t, then you need to find that half box of dog cookies again. What is your dog’s choice for drying off? My three girls each have their own preference. Paige likes the blow dryer; Penny would rather the towel, and Lucy just shakes, shakes, shakes – to each his (oops, her) own.

Once you have had your own bath, either by choice or by necessity, you and your beloved animal companion can enjoy a peaceful quality time once again.

Joanie Housey gives hints and tips on natural remedies for dogs. Visit her website for more information.

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