The Best Way to Find Happiness NOW

Would you waste time complaining and reminiscing on what could have been? Would you waste energy and time being angry at people? Or would you want to tell everyone you loved how you felt about them, would you want to do all the things you could that bought joy and laughter to your life? Would you look for beauty in all that you could see? Would you savor everyday? I would and I’m guessing you would too.

I’ve heard people talk like this before and it didn’t really touch my heart. However, now as I feel enormous gratitude for the life I am living, until I realized that I have the power over my life now, until I decided to take control of my life and be who I want to be by choosing my thoughts and deciding to be happy no matter what I am experiencing did I really hear the message in those words. Happiness is most definitely a decision. It is available to every one of us at any moment. It is not tied to anything other than your thoughts.

Do you get sad that the caterpillar is dead or do you rejoice that the butterfly has appeared? Do you morn the loss of a relationship or do you think how wonderful the next one will be because you have learnt so much more about what you want and so can attract a new and wonderful person? You life is NOW. We don’t know how long we are going to live, if today will be our last or if we will live another forty years. Why not decide to make today a happy one and if it does happen that this is your last day well you will go with a smile and make the most of life. If you live another forty years and you decide today to be happy what a brilliant forty years you will have.

Not too long ago I found my body rebelling from overwork, stress and worry and it just said “stop” and placed me in a bed hardly able to move for nine months. At first I was extremely frightened and thought my days were numbered. I looked out my window and watched the leaves appear one by one on the branches of the tree outside and was grateful. I continued to be grateful and looked for the wonder in the world and I am here, healthy and happy today. I look back on that time and use it as a reminder to know that when things appear bad there is still something you can find to be happy about. I heard Oprah say once that if you are breathing you have something to be grateful for and even though I was having a great deal of trouble breathing, I was grateful I could still breathe. She went on to say if you need a machine to help you breathe, be grateful for the machine. Luckily I didn’t need a machine but I believe that my attitude got me better as the doctors sure didn’t know what to do with me.

I can still have days when I get down and emotionally loose my way, but now I know that I have the tools to get centered and back into my happy place where all things are possible. I can think my way through life and I can choose to be happy so it reminds me that all is well. Go ahead and dream of tomorrow, make lists of things you want, why you want them and imagine how good it will feel when they arrive but live today as if it is your last. Live with joy and happiness as you main goal. If you have a bed day, smile and say to yourself, opps I forgot I can choose and I choose to let go of fear, of sadness, of doubt and anger and resentment and pain, I choose joy. Choose the thoughts that make you feel good and life will bring feel good experiences to make your thoughts right up to your door, that how Law of Attraction works.

Be happy and enjoy your life NOW.

Gaynor Parke is an author, Sales Trainer and CEO of Advanced Success Life Coaching and believes “you are the key to your success”. With over 25 years of Personal Development study and vast business knowledge Gaynor is well equipped to assist people in all walks of life.

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