Roses Again? A Better Valentines Gift Alternative for Clueless Guys: Secret Sleeves Scarf in Red or Pink Velvet

Houston-based K’s Kreations has launched two new colors of signature Secret Sleeves scarves in red velvet and pink velvet with Valentine’s Day gifts for women in mind.

Secret Sleeves is a unique velvet scarf that converts to an elegant shrug or chic off-the-shoulder wrap using an innovative pocket design. With Secret Sleeves, women effortlessly adapt to changing weather or step from indoors to outdoors in comfort.

“Whether you’re in evening wear or jeans, Secret Sleeves can add style to any outfit and keep you warm and comfortable no matter what the temperature inside or out,” remarked K’s Kreations founder Deborah Kay Allred. “It’s a thoughtful gift for girlfriend or wife. In this economy, it’s hard to justify a “throwaway” gift like candy or flowers. She can wear her Secret Sleeves scarf out to dinner or the theater for Valentines Day, and later think of you when she wears it to work. This scarf is both elegant and practical. It can convert to a wrap or shrug to completely change the look of an outfit, making her existing wardrobe more versatile.”

The Secret Sleeves scarf complements everything from jeans to business attire and provides warmth to arms and shoulders when restaurant and office temperatures drop from high-powered air cooling systems. The scarf is made of lightweight, stretch fabric which extends the opportunity for wear into spring months.

Secret Sleeves is available online at Secret Sleeves comes in various colors, two size choices, and retails starting at $ 39.99.

DEBORAH KAY ALLRED, CEO of Houston-based K’s Kreations is available for press interviews. Ms. Allred is an engaging personality who provides entertaining anecdotes on how she developed the idea for Secret Sleeves, as well as shares insights into what it takes to become a fashion entrepreneur based in Texas. Both her story and product are right for the times, when multi-function and affordability are key factors to how women make fashion accessory purchase decisions in today’s economy.

To learn more about Secret Sleeves and Deborah Kay Allred, visit

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