Review of Vertical Jump Bible

The e-book Vertical Jump Bible is an invaluable resource for all of your vertical jumping training needs. There are so many tips that can help you with your vertical training, and the exercise options in the book are practically endless. All you will need is a little motivation, a basketball court, and the Vertical Jump Bible.

The Vertical Jump Bible’s author is Kelley Baggett who has a 40+ inch vertical of his own, which he raised from it originally being a 20 inch vertical. Not only is his vertical better but there are numerous amounts of people who have read the e-book and seen real improvement in their vertical.

In the Vertical Jump Bible you will learn all about weight lifting, body composition, help in designing your own workout, plyometrics, and more. There are almost 150 pages in the e-book and they are all loaded with information.

As you start reading this ebook you will learn the basics and secrets of vertical training. It also includes ten key performance qualities to increase vertical jump. Working out using these performance qualities will help you gain the most results from your vertical jumping workout. The book is worth getting even if you only read the ten performance qualities to increase vertical jump.

Right after you learn the basics the book moves into strength and weight training. It specifies how you should lift weights. You will also learn about the central nervous system, and when your central nervous system improves so does your quick thinking improve.

The main section of the book is all plyometrics. You will learn about different plyometric programs that will help fit everyone from a beginner to a skilled athlete. You will also read about a lot of different plyometric exercises and you will never have to worry about running out of different plyometrics to add to your workout.

The book ends with Kelley Baggett answering popular questions that he has received. He also tells his personal story which is good because you may be able to relate to him. After you have finished reading at least the most important parts of the book, then you should be prepared to go in the gym and improve your vertical jump.

The Vertical Jump Bible comes with two bonus e-books that can help you improve your mentality and learn about your body composition. This advice is great because it helps you understand what your body needs and how you need to think.

To get a more in-depth review of vertical jump bible and to find more resources on how to increase vertical jump, check out Blake Helton’s website on the above mentioned links.

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