Real Love and Friendship

People crave real love and friendship without having an understanding of what it is all about. Love cannot be defined in words, it is a feeling that can only be expressed through words and actions. Real love is a feeling that would be the resultant of being loved and cared for. When there is love between two people there is no ego and there is no jealousy. It only is the trust and the care that two people have and share for each other.

Being in love with the right person is something that you need to figure out. You should know the person well before reaching a conclusion that he or she is the right person and would justice with your feelings. Having a new crush everyday is nothing uncommon, but understanding and realizing that the person is right for you.

Once you understand the quintessence of love you would automatically understand the importance of your partner in your life and also of other relations that you are associated with. It is important that you respect your partners’ thinking and give him his or her freedom. Love does not mean that you own the person. It is a respect, trust, care and devotion that you have towards your partner and his or her feelings.

For experiencing love in any relationship you need to be a person who understands emotions. You need to open your heart to all the feelings and understand what the other person feels for you. Love your partner more than yourself and you will realize that true love is a feeling that has no comparison and knows no bounds. It is an eternal feeling that gives you pleasure every moment that you live in it.

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness. – Friedrich Nietzsche.

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