Productize Your Thoughts

Selling a concept or an idea is a particularly difficult challenge. When faced with an intangible, prospective buyers need to be able to “get their arms around the concept.” This means that they need to fully understand all of the features and benefits that the offer provides. Just as salespeople are taught to define features and benefits within the sales process, so too must the online entrepreneur intent on selling an intangible service or product. This of course is also true for someone involved in the process of selling an opportunity.

Productizing your thoughts revolves around the process of making your concept seem tangible and real. An excellent example of this approach is the concept of magnetic sponsoring where the name begins the productization process.

The first step in productizing your idea, then, is to give it a name. Naming turns your intangible concept into something that is solid and concrete, and helps a person to not only understand it better, but makes it more likely that they will purchase it. The name should be easily remembered and it should also be sufficiently descriptive to begin describing what the concept is all about. Many people have said that in the process of productizing their ideas coming up with a good name is arguably the most difficult task. This is because a good name can significantly enhance the salability of the concept, and a bad name can severely and significantly hamper it.

Start by creating a worksheet that identifies all of the attributes of your offer. Just as in a bricks and mortar business, and the features and benefits that your offer or opportunity provides should all be listed. In fact, it is a good idea to do this first before trying to decide on a name. Once you have identified the features and benefits, determine how your offering provides value to the buyer. By creating these statements, you want to clearly articulate what precisely your offer is and does.

If all of this sounds daunting, or perhaps confusing, an alternative would be to deploy a turnkey, prepackaged system. Very similar to the way a franchise is set up, using a turnkey system for online network marketing makes perfect sense. If you’re at all hesitant to embark on the challenge of building an offering from scratch, seriously consider the possibility of working with a company that is already doing business. Find system that fits your goals and meets your needs, and then get started.

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