My Friendship!


The difference between a best friend and a just friend is that one extra moment of sharing, is that one extra bit of understanding, is simply one extra than everyone else & everything else. I had my moments of bests in life. Best academic performance, best friendship, first love which is the best & its failure that turned me into cynic towards love & life. All feelings touched my heart & soul so far. The one string which always touched by my best friend is the faith one. The more faith one has shown in me and my friendship, the more my worth, value for that friend and friendship increased.


 Corporate world dragging me into gutters, failures weakening my strength day by day, I always wonder, what would it take for me to reach to the top. I always left myself at crossroads. But I found one lotus in that gutters which kept me going, which keeps inspiring me, which gives me a reason to smile.


 There are times which are unexplainable, unbearable and unimaginable. I know what pain my friend is going through; alas I can’t take away that pain. All that I can do in this world is just wait for the pain to subside, just wait for the difficult moment to pass by, just wait for my friend to smile back, waiting beside my friend to recover. I have never felt so helpless in the world, when the problem is not shared! When no one understands what I am going through to understand my friend’s problem. Why can’t I simply become such a powerful strength, that the fiercest of the stabs won’t hurt my friend! I am desperate to know what’s going through my friend’s mind & dying to feel what experience the heart is feeling. The dark pain whenever raises its ugly head, the bright smile of my friend’s does a beautiful miracle, not once or twice but every time. A great man truly said, “You may be just one person to this world, but for someone you are the world”.


 The limitation of my knowledge, the limitation of my wisdom, the limitation of being human makes me realize that how limited I thought and how unlimited I expect from a friend! It takes ages or may be a lifetime for me to understand, that life has it own plans has its own order has its own priorities, so does my friend have. Why I want to keep my friend in my eyes & close them forever, why I keep my friend in my heart and never show it to the world. Why I always want to keep it for myself!


   Am I selfish? The answer is simple. No I am not. I am possessive, extremely possessive!


The day is never far away infact the moment is never faraway, anytime may GOD call back my journey, I take pride and walk into the heavens head held high just because of you & your friendship, my dear friend.


 Santh Baba.


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