Magazine Covers: Hot Styles

Familiar faces of Hollywood covered lots of famous fashion Magazines such as Vogue, K, V, Elle, and so on. Every time they appear, our celebrities have showed off their original styles in the full photo gallery impressing fans all over the world. Covering magazines is a good chance for celebrities not only to shine via nice shots but also for famous fashion labels to boost their products. Christina Aguilera, “little witch” Emma Watson, “bad boy” Chris Brown and others have graced on the cover of well-known magazines in hot various styles. Let’s see the hottest images of stars on the cover of magazine during the past time as follows:


Scarlett Johansson looks so graceful on the cover of V Magazine Summer 2010


Kristen Stewart on the cover of Flaunt Magazine shows off her stylish beauty


Chris Brown makes fans shocked in a completely different style on Flaunt Magazine


Kylie Minogue in a body dress showing off her attractive body curves on BlackBook Magazine


Christina Aguilera appears in a fresh and original fashion style on the cover of Out Magazine June 2010


Emma Watson– the little witch graces to cover Vanity Fair in a charming and elegant appearance


Katie Holmes graces the cover of ELLE Magazine honoring the top women in Hollywood




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