Learn Spanish by Learning the Pronunciation of the Letters in Spanish

You have decided that you are going to learn Spanish and that is a very commendable task but you still need to learn to speak it well. It is such a joy when you speak to someone who has learned a foreign language and can speak it well. The first thing you think is that person has learned well, and worked hard at practicing speaking the language. You do not necessarily think that this person is smarter because they can speak the language so much better than other people. It is not a matter of intelligence but rather the fact that they worked hard at this task and became a good speaker.

A good thing about learning Spanish is that in this language the words are pronounced exactly as they are spelled. That is the beauty of learning how to produce the letters in the alphabet. You are killing two birds with one stone when you take this direction of learning. You see once you learn the letter sounds you have learned to write and read in Spanish. When you hear the sound you write the sound of those letters you hear and you have actually spelled the word. It is the same thing when you read Spanish. Make the sound of the letters and you will be saying the word and if you already know what that word means, you are on your way to learning to read in Spanish.

Let us look at the letters of the Spanish alphabet now and learn what they are called in Spanish and the sound associated with each letter.

A (ah), B (bay), C (thay), CH (chay),D (day), E (ay), F (‘eff-ay), G (Hay), H (‘ah-chay), I (ee), J (‘Ho-tah), K (kah), L (‘ell-ay), LL (‘ell-yay), M (’emm-ay), N (‘enn-ay), Ñ (‘enn-yay), O (o), P (pay), Q (koo), R (‘airr-ay), S (‘ess-ay), T (tay), U (oo), V (‘oo-vay), W (‘oo-vay-‘do-blay), X (‘ay-kiss), Y (ee-gre-‘ay-gah), Z (‘thay-tah).
Did you notice three extra letters in the alphabet? The three extra letters are the “CH”, the “Ñ”, and the two els side by side “LL”.

You can work with these letters and their sounds. You will be amazed how easy it is to pick up sounds and start talking Spanish with perfect diction in no time. If you can hook the alphabet sounds with a good online course, you will be amazing to your friends in no time at all.

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