Kidding with Happiness

It is known from global statistics that the polluted surroundings are responsible for 1/4 the of the child- death.From a magazine jointly published by the Global Resource Institution and the World health Organization it is known that the cities which are affected with much pollution are Sanghai,Mexico City, Peiching, Kolkata, Delhi, Manila and Sau Paolo and Mumbai.As a result of the pollution those who are affected are none other than the children below 5 years.These children are afflicted with the scarcity of dwelling places, lacking in medical helps, want of proper nutrition.Again there is the problem of pollution that makes their lives nothing but hell. If the children are affected how can we find the Way to Happiness so easily?
The smoke emitted from a car is more poisonous than the smoke of ten cigarettes.It is known from a global survey that students of the schools that are very near the main roads suffer from respiratory diseases to a large number.Not only air pollution the sound pollution causes harm to the health of the children.Owing to shrill horns of the vehicles the kids fail to concentrate to their studies.They fail to make good results too. As number of vehicles are increased there is a sharp rise in road accidents.It is also reviewed that the children who lose their parents in the road accidents can be traumatized for ever.Sometimes they lose total mental equilibrium. Despair gets the better of them and lose the Way to Happiness for good.
Again as a result of the increased numbers of vehicles on the roads the parents of the kids do not allow them to play in the parks adjacent to the main roads.As a result the kids are to play indoors.The result is bitter.When these kids grow up they can’t cope with the society.There is sharp rise in aggression, despair and an intention to be kept isolated among them.Keeping parity with these problems mental problems scourge their minds. Happiness has bid good bye form their green souls.If we are not aware of the problems still now within 2020 more than 90 million children would be forced to leave the beautiful planet for ever suffering from deadly diseases. Can we still be able to find out the Way to Happiness then?

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