Greenery In Mumbai And Accommodation

Mumbai is undoubtedly a true cosmopolitan city but it has preserved it natural beauty as well. You will come across pockets of greenery within the city. One of the most visited national parks in Asia is the Sanjay Gandhi National Park located in Mumbai. It happens to be the largest National Park within city limits in the world. So, when you are on a tour to Mumbai no matter what your purpose is do not miss this green wonder.

Art lovers will find justice done to their trip with the ancient art preserve in the park – the Kanheri Caves carved out of rocks. It has turned out to be an important archaeological site. You can spend some relaxed time at the Pheroze Shah Mehta Garden or the Hanging Garden amid greenery, landscaped gardens, and a beautiful milieu all around. No matter which hotels in Mumbai you are accommodated in, you can hire a taxi and take a tour of these places. There is no dearth of business hotels or luxury hotels in Mumbai in the vicinity of these locations. So, before you arrive in the city, do get the bookings done beforehand after conducting a search.

Another charm that enhances the grandeur of Mumbai is its architectural wealth. You cannot afford to miss the Gateway of India, a twentieth century ceremonial gateway erected for Queen Victoria, the then Empress of England and Fort St. George. The city is a blend of modern buildings and ancient Victorian and Gothic edifices. Do visit the Prince of Wales Museum as well. A monumental building and a protected site, also a world heritage structure, is the Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus, which exhibits the looks of a royal palace.

Tourists are spoilt for choices given the countess hotels in Mumbai. Of course there are select few hotels, especially luxury hotels and business hotels in Mumbai that are a class apart. And amid such business hotels and luxury hotels in Mumbai, you will find one or two hotels that offer private air carrier services, spa treatments, shopping, business conveniences, concierge services, etc.

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