Glow of Happiness

In my last post I tried to highlight that there are varieties of men roaming in our beautiful planet after their will. Some may be called good to some extent and the remaining are really not good, trying all the time to follow a different track. Now If I am a preacher and appeal earnestly to them “Why are you following the wrong track? Have faith in man and above all God, then you would have no problem to live in this world Tinged with the Glow of Happiness.” I know quite well nobody would pay heed to my sermon.
So many Great men came to the earth just to show man the Way to Happiness, they even shed their blood, bore tremendous pain, but failed. Yet they did not lose courage, fought to the last to unshackle those men from the jitters of Sin, at last hugged death in return. It is the traditional system of the world; if you try to do good to some one he is sure to cast a glance of suspicion at you. But would you desert the battle field? Never, fight to the last with the hope that one day the Glow of Happiness looms large in the dark corners of the world.
We know well that a man does everything after his own will. In the Holy Scriptures we find the reference of three types of persons. The first type follows the way of spirituality. They never have any ill feeling for anyone. Their only aim is the betterment of mankind. The second type is aggressive. They hanker after name, fame and power. They believe in muscle power and dominance. When they have to face a hurdle they without brooding for a single moment charge against it. The third group comprises those people who are born to be slaves. They are not aware of their own lots, have faith in others words, are easily swayed and at last, if necessary, become furious to obliterate anything on their Way to Happiness. They are born not to pay heed to any sermons. The sole aim of the lot is to spare the days on the earth tinged With a Special Glow of Happiness that is nothing but carnal.

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