Garden of Contentment ? find Tranquility amidst lush surroundings

Situated in Anren Jie Shanghai is the popular classical gardens Yuyuan Gardens. Built during the Ming Dynasty in its 400 years it has gone through many changes and its historical value and charm can still be felt while you walk through its serenity and beauty.

The Yuyuan Garden is a sprawling five acre landscape filled with halls, pavilions, rockeries and ponds. There are six main areas in the garden which are scenic. These are Wanhua Chamber, Sansui Hall, Huijing Hall, Inner Garden and Yuhua Hall and you can enjoy the wonders of the gardens from these borders. A major attraction found here is the Great Rockery which is the largest and oldest of its kind in the area located towards the South of the Yangtze River. From the top you can view the entire garden, at the extremities of the rockery is the Cuixiu Hall. Constructed in 1760 is the Sansui Hall which was used to entertain guests before and then became an area where ceremonies for gentleman and bookmen were held. It is the largest structure in the gardens. Visit the Dianchun Hall and view coins and bulletins made by Xiaodai Hui, a group that fought against the Qing Dynasty.

The main attraction and the real treasure is the Jade Rock. One of the three famous rocks of the region. It contains 72 holes and magically if you burn joss sticks below the rock the smoke floats from all the holes, right across the Jade Rock is the Yuhua Hall which faces the rock. The furnishings in the hall were made from rosewood of the Ming dynasty. Another famous feature is the Inner Garden where you can walk through rocks, ponds, pavilions and flower walls. The garden offers beauty and history right round and it is a perfect place to spend a day. The nature enthusiasts and gardening buffs would find this place a haven at its structure as well as its stunning features which are unique compared to other gardens.

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