Difference between Love & Friendship-

The difference between love and friendship is always puzzling one. Love and Friendship may have there roots together but they cannot be considered as same. Every emotion is different in human life. As love and friendship plays a very important role in a human being’s life, it has to be in use separately. Love is unique and has its own place and the same is with friendship. If someone asks what comes first, never answer it, because the outcome will be argument. Every single being living in this earth have different opinions for each and every theme related to life. Love and friendship do contribute some features that are in common, but it is incomparable, and today I would like to differentiate between the same, elaborate it for my friends. 


In Friendship it takes time to find out what kind of friendship you are in with. In our whole life friends COME & GO, but we choose few of them and we keep them in touch always. That’s because of an emotional attachment with such friends. This emotional attachment is called Love. Its because of the bondage of love you never broke your relationship with him/her. Here it is interconnected, but it’s not the same love that we have for our loved ones. Friends keep on changing, but loved ones don’t. Though we can say we are friends to our fathers, mothers, grandparents, but the fact is we love them. If we were in friendship (i.e. relation) then as I said, friends keep on changing. Imagine you change you father, mother???? It’s impossible. So love is separate friendship is separate.

In life ups and downs are always there. If you are with your spouse he/she will be a support for you always to face the difficulties in life courageously (Because he/she lives with you). And with the same Ups and Downs of life, if you are with your friend (he/She) you will expect them to advice you, but not support you. Because friends support comes in terms of advice. You may get the way to solve problem, but their advice will not make you courageous, there advice will be momentary. Friends don’t stay in your house all the time, but loved ones do. So love is separate friendship is separate.


Consider you had a fight with one of your friend. In the same way Consider you had a fight with your loved ones (Spouse, Mother, Father, Siblings) 
Do you think you will ever able to trust the same person in your life? Can you guarantee that such things will not be repeated by your friend/loved ones again? Can he/she guarantee that such things will not be repeated? 
NO! No one can guarantee about it. Remember things sometimes keep on repeating in life, the same fights may arise again and again and may continue also. Friends and relatives can be forgived. But the problem will still persist. (Remember in this case you may also be wrong). If you are right then you can solve the problem in such scenario. But the way you tackle your friends and the way you tackle your loved ones will be different. So love is separate friendship is separate.


Every one have secrets in there life, those who know about there secrets will always keep mum, will not share with there loved ones or there friends, but there are some people who doesn’t know how to keep secrets, so they always spit it. Now when I am discussing about Love & Friendship, whom do we consider telling our secrets. Now whom can you trust, you always fear that your secret doesn’t became an open secret. So, whom you can trust if you have a secret? Now this question is an interesting one isn’t it? Confused; no need of confusion. Discuss your secrets with the right person. For e.g. Personal & Professional affairs discuss with friends, Personal & professional matters with your loved ones. (Don’t do as I say, but discuss with the right person, because Love is separate friendship is separate.) Trust in love & friendship is very important. If you trust someone open your mouth.

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