Cosmetics Application Tips

While celebrities have access to professional make-up artists to enhance their natural looks and give them a polished look, most of us don’t have that advantage. There are still some things you can do however, to have make-up work for you. Anyone can follow the tips below and learn to make the most of her looks.

Applying foundation is the most basic part of creating a finished look, but it’s important to find the right shade for a natural look. Put a sample shade on the inside of your wrist, and see how well it blends in. If it disappears into your skin, it’s the ride shade for you.

Foundations come in powder, cream and liquid form, and are available in oil-based, water-based or oil-free versions. Powder foundation can be used on its own or as a finish for a liquid or cream. Be careful when applying it around the eyes, as it can settle into fine lines. Liquid foundations provide light-to-medium coverage, and are best applied very sparingly with a cosmetic sponge. Cream foundations provide medium to heavy coverage, and are probably best left to professionals or very accomplished amateurs. Mineral foundations are very popular and they are healthy for your skin.

Using eye shadow is a great way to enhance the shape and color or your eyes, but you want to be sure to use the right techniques for your face. If you are older, or have deep-set or hooded eyes, you will want to use more rounded shading. Use highlighter across the lid, to above the crease, then follow with a deeper shade up to the crease and smudged under the lower lashes. If you are young, or have deep-set eyes, wing the shading with an accent color past the corner of the eye.

Using eyeliner is a great way to frame and define your eyes. Use a soft and smudgy pencil, so you don’t drag and stretch the skin around your eyes. Your technique will depend on the shape and placement of your eyes. If they are round, line your eyes around the base of the lashes, and thicken the line, winging it out at the corners, if your eyes are more oval, thicken the line toward the center, keeping it thinner at the edges. If your eyes are close together, start a thicker line at the inside, and have it thin as it moves out, performing the reverse if your eyes are wide-set.

Finish off your eyes with mascara. Start with your lower lashes, then work your way through the top ones, starting on the inside. If you add a second coat, be sure you’ve waited for the first to dry thoroughly.

When finishing your lips, start by using a lip liner pencil around the edges of your lips. Start with the corners and work your way inwards. Next, apply lipstick using a small brush, and blot with a tissue when done. If you prefer a shiny finish, polish off your look with organic lip gloss.

If you follow the above steps, and practice a bit, you’ll find that you are able to accomplish a polished, professional look all on your own!

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