Bring Happiness to Your Life With Four Simple Steps

How much better do you feel when you are happy and , compared to when you feel deflated and jaded? When happy you feel invincible, capable of achieving great things and tackling all tasks in front of you. When feeling down you can’t be bothered to even start those tasks, and find any excuse to put things off.

By adopting the four traits below you can eliminate those tired, lazy days, and bring happiness and self satisfaction to your world.


Adopt a feeling of gratitude into your life and appreciate everything that you have done and experienced. Every day, whether be first thing in the morning, last thing at night or at some point in between, take the time to think about what you can be grateful for that day.

You have children, a job, and have good health – be grateful. You have good friends and nice work colleagues – be grateful. You had time and the ingredients to prepare your spouse’s favourite meal – be grateful.

By adopting gratitude you will begin to appreciate what you do have, rather than be upset that you are missing something.


What good things have you done today, unnoticed by others, that would benefit from praise. You helped the lady struggling with her boxes through the door; you took time to listen to the receptionists idea and encouraged her as you arrived for work; you collated that report for your boss when he was late into a meeting. All little things that help others, and they deserve your own praise.

By praising yourself, inwardly at least, you are building your own self esteem. So think about what you have achieved and give yourself a mental pat on the back. That will help you feel better and thus increase your happiness.

And spread the word – praise others that have helped you, or a third party, and feel the warmth they give back to you.


When you have moments of high energy and prolonged action, take time out to think about what has caused this action.

When you have tired days, days where you just want to sit around and not get interested in anything, think about what caused these feelings.

Try to re-create more of those first feelings, and when you feel the bad feelings coming, banish them from your day. Live your life in high energy as much as you can, and you will achieve more, and increase your happiness through that sense of achievement.


Take action every waking  hour of every day by adopting these points and increasing your happiness. By thinking about gratitude, praise and energy, and taking action to make them an active part of your every day life, you will increase you feeling if well-being and happiness.

It won’t happen straight away, habits take several weeks to be ingrained into your life, but by actioning the three key factors at every possibility you will feel energized and looking forward to each and every day, filling them with worthwhile accomplishments.

Be grateful, praise both yourself and others, live your life with high levels of energy, and take action, and soon you will live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Paul Gent writes regularly in his blog, Everyday Success Tips. Here he tries to pass on information that he has read or heard that will make a success to others in their personal and business lives.

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