BMW Set To Begin Used Car Business In India On January 2011

The renowned German luxury car manufacturer and the major competitor of Mercedes Benz, BMW has been in operation in the Indian market in the past 3 years and have successfully reached a stage where the cars have started to come back. And having this condition to consider, the company also started to establish the used BMW cars in the Indian market. The company has also plans of starting this innovative used car business in January 2011 which is probably the best way for them to start the new year. Mr. Andreas Schaaf, the president of BMW India addresses the big plan and commented that it is a long time plan that BMW is operating successfully in such a lucrative market as that of India especially in the luxury car market and now that the cars are returning on their garage, the company wishes to enter the Used Cars business which is expected to further help them cover the market in a more efficient manner. The decision to step into the used car market is derived from the exponential demand of the pre-owned BMW cars in India. Moreover, the company’s major competitor of BMW, Mercedes Benz is also into the used car business since June of last year and has been doing pretty well in the segment. Mercedes Benz has registered total sales of 600 cars in the used car business since it has entered the segment which has further forced BMW to take a step forward in bringing in the pre-owned cars in the market. Among the models that is listed in the pre-owned business are the following: MW flagship 5-series and also the famous BMW 3-series. BMW India is holding some spectacular models in its portfolio which includes BMW Z4 Roadster, BMW Gran Turismo, BMW X6, X5, X3, X1, BMW 7 Series, 5 Series and 3 Series. The financial period of January to November 2010 has brought about 5, 345 units sales for BMW and therefore, they are taking things more in control in the market through used BMW cars and take better lead against the competitor Mercedes Benz.

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