A strange Rihanna in You magazine

Born in an unhappy family with a drug addicted father, Rihanna had a hard childhood. However, this Barbadian recording artist has overcome all the difficulties to become one of the most famous singers worldwide. Starting her singing career at an early age, Rihanna used to appear in public as a cute teen girl with the covers of several famous singers namely Whitney Houston and Destiny’s Child. Some years later, this talented girl surprised everyone with her dramatic change in appearance. From a baby cute teen queen, Rihanna turned her image into a hot sexy girl showing her attractive body curves. Nevertheless, Rihanna once again made a surprise when she appeared so feminine, gentle and sweet in wedding dresses on You magazine.


Rihanna proves her strong will and bravery with spectacular successes after the tough childhood.


An unusual feminine image of Rihanna


This gente and attractive image is so different from a hot sexy Rihanna.


After all the scandals involved her love with Chris Brown, fans wonder when they will see her as a real bride.


The usual sexy and appealing image of Rihanna


Rihanna likes tattoos. She has had 13 tatoos on her body.


Maria Carey, who has great influence on Rihanna’s style. is Rihanna’s biggest idol.


A sweet Rihanna


A strong- willed and stylistic Rihanna



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