3 Reasons to Lose Weight and Gain Happiness

3 Things you lose by Losing Weight and 3 Things you Gain:

Lose weight and gain happiness? This statement in no way is meant to insult anyone who by society standards would be considered overweight. This statement is also not implying that if a person is overweight he/she cannot be happy. I’m living proof.

With that said there are some who believe that given the choice to be overweight or not most would choose to not be overweight.

1. Lose weight and you lower the possibility for having long term and lingering health issues. There are a number of illnesses associated with being overweight. To name a few you have high blood pressure, heart disease, abnormal cholesterol levels, diabetes and certain types of cancer.

* Lose weight and gain or improve your short term and long term health situation and add years to your life. Losing weight will allow you to increase your energy level, lower your cholesterol levels, reduce your blood pressure, reduce aches and pains, improve mobility, improve your breathing, help you sleep better and wake more rested, decreases your risk of sudden death from heart disease or stroke.

2. Lose weight and you lose the mental stress sometimes created due to unhappiness with your looks. Less face it we all want to look good right? Again, please don’t be offended by this statement. If you are overweight it doesn’t mean you don’t look good. This statement applies to those who are not happy with their weight and the way they look. This causes a lot of stress for some people and this can easily lead to diminished health and/or increased propensity to illness; to avoid this, stress must be managed. To avoid this stress weight must be managed.

* Lose weight and gain or improve your mental state of being. The late Michael Jackson had the following words in one of his many hits “I always feel like somebody is watching me”. Lose weight and your body will feel better and your mind will be at peace. Once your confidence starts going up you won’t care who is watching you. Your social life will improve and you’re self confidence will shoot through the roof.

3. Lose weight and lose the phobia’s associated with being overweight. A phobia is an irrational, intense, persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things, or people. The main symptom of this disorder is the excessive, unreasonable desire to avoid the feared subject. There are varying degrees of phobias from a very mild case to when the fear is beyond one’s control, in which case you could be looking at one of the anxiety disorders. There are some overweight people who avoid going to certain places for fear of being teased or embarrassed about their weight. They avoid having their picture taken and avoid mirrors.

* Lose weight and gain control of your life back. You will no longer be afraid to step on a scale or visit the Doctor. The days of worrying who is watching you will be over. The walls around you will come tumbling down and any low self esteem you had will be eliminated.

So how do you improve your health and happiness future?

* You decide today that you love yourself and your family and friends to much to not gain control over your overweight situation.

* You believe with all your heart, mind and soul that days, weeks & months from now you will succeed.

Derek Haynes’ advice for losing weight is that you implement D, E & A, (diet, exercise and attitude). The battle begins with your attitude and state of mind towards taking control over the situation. With the right attitude, diet and exercise you will succeed in your quest. If you have some weight you would like to lose you must believe and start now. There are some decent resources to help you with your fight. I would suggest you begin your journey at http://www.good-bye-belly-fat.info to start losing the weight and unwanted belly fat.

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