Acai Berries and Cosmetics

Divine beauty is what everybody is looking for and if it’s there we would like to keep it like that for a longer time. Since times immemorial women from all walks of life have tried to achieve this. Various cosmetic products have been launched since long to get desired results. The manufacturing companies have had a laugh, pocketing huge turnovers over this obsession of the women folk.

Many beauty products have been bombarded into the markets claiming to transform one’s beauty. After creating a huge uproar in the food and health industry the acai berries have now been introduced into the cosmetic world. Yes that’s true! We all know the benefits of the acai berries and their impact on one’s health, i.e. strengthening it from within. But now a new skin care product has been launched featuring the acai berries.

With a culmination of nature and science, the acai berries have been used to develop an anti-ageing facial cream. The success of this treatment lies in the fact that the acai berries are a rich source of antioxidants which in turn are known to slow down the aging process.

The inclusion of acai berries in skin treatment is likely to succeed as the berries contain vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are useful in nourishing and toning the skin cells. The phytosterols present, help in preserving collagen and the flavanoids fight inflammation, thus making the skin nourished, healthy and acne-free.

Although the inclusion of acai berry in the cosmetics world is relatively new, it is bound to grow; the reason being the numerous benefits of the acai extract. With nearly no negative effects the acai oil can be safely used in shampoos, conditioners, anti-ageing skin treatments, body and facial creams besides a host of other cosmetic products. It is no wonder that this little berry which has meandered its way from the food industry to the cosmetic industry would make its mark even there.

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