The Mystic Thoughts Behind All Successes!

Tony DiRienzo is COLSA CTO. COLSA, a subsidiary of Collazo Enterprises Inc. was founded in 1980 in Huntsville, Alabama adn soon entered into the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) socioeconomic program. COLSA Corporation is a technology services and solutions company with significant experience providing engineering, IT and programmatic solutions for Government and Commercial customers. They design, develop, and implement solutions that improve operations and capitalize on technology. They understand the challenges their customers face and they work closely with each one to deliver the right solution. Tony DiRienzo and team strongly believe, 99% of our time is spent on collecting statistics and the balance on implementing with ideas! This may seem efficient but not effective. Those who succeed probably spend it in the ratio 90:10 and cause ripples! Finding facts is essential but thinking up ideas for better ways is what we get paid for!

Larry Dirienzo is Nostalgic Reunion Business Manager. Nostalgic Reunion has its beginnings and its roots firmly entwined around the years 1946 through 1955. Those were the years when Larry DiRienzo, Leo Pontes, Charlie Monachino, all saxophonists, and Frank Martella, pianist, began to perform in big bands such as the Joe Nolan Dance Band. They also played with younger performers like Gap Mangione and his brother Chuck, Joe Romano, noted tenor sax artist, and with the Brothers Musseri, John on piano and Sam on tenor sax. Leo Pontes fronted the Barry Lionel Band, with four Saxes; Leo on lead alto, Don Niggli, 2nd alto, Larry Dirienzo, tenor, and Johnny Vetere, 4th tenor. The group also had Joe Pera, Larry Smith and Mike Costello on trumpets, and Joe Castelli on trombone. Filling out the rhythm section were Frank Martella, piano, Larry Freitas, drums, and Jerry Merle, string bass. Nancy Forcella was the talented female vocalist.

Later on, Larry DiRienzo took over this group and renamed it the Larry Vincent Dance Band. This group played for a number of dances sponsored by the then “Hi-Y” clubs at the local YMCA facilities on the westside of Rochester. Larry took the group to Brockport to play for Brockport State Teacher’s College events, before it became SUNY Brockport. This band was also involved in a number of “Battle of the Bands” dances with the Joe Nolan Dance Band, at the Immaculate Conception Church Hall, in Rochester.

Paul Dircksen is Timberline Resources Vice President of Exploration. Timberline Resources Corp. [OTCBB: TBLC] is a unique growth-oriented company that combines strong cash flow from its 100% ownership in Kettle Drilling Inc.with the blue sky potential from mineral exploration.

With dedicated hard work demonstrated by Paul Dircksen and team Timberline has seen revenue growth from drilling services surge about 100% year over year with current yearly revenues targeting $ 15+ million for fiscal 2007 with 2008 moving into the mid to upper $ 20 million range. Recent expansion into Mexico along with increasing revenue growth from drilling contract rates may alone justify current, if not higher, per share valuations. Then add Timberlines current portfolio of properties and you end up with a very attractive investment opportunity.

I love to research about great personalities and learn about. I appreciate Larry Dirienzo,Tony DiRienzo and Paul Dircksen for their amazing contribution in their field.

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