Do Registry Cleaners have a Dirty Little Secret?

In the Internet world, a lot of things are said about registry cleaners. Yes, it is true that not every registry cleaner is going to get the job done. Yet there are those that state the only way to TRULY fix a registry issue is to have a computer repair technician work their magic. Truthfully, the magic is probably the very registry cleaner that you were thinking about downloading to take care of the problem yourself.

So what dirty little secrets are registry cleaners harboring?

– No two programs are made alike. Each has their own set of features and it is important that you choose the features that are important to you. If you’re not sure, you can usually contact the company for help.

– Yes, the computer repair technicians are using registry cleaning programs to clean your registry. They are not sitting for hours upon hours, cleaning the registry manually. You wouldn’t know otherwise based on how much they charge.

– Registry cleaners DO make your computer faster. Your registry files, actually called registry keys, can consist of errors that cause a host of problems for your machine and for you. A registry cleaner simply sorts the mismatched, corrupted, and misplaced keys from the ones that work properly and attempts to repair them.

– If there are registry errors that cannot be repaired, you do have the option to completely delete them.

– A registry cleaner fixes registry issues in minutes rather than days, weeks, or even months. Manually fixing the problem is methodical and a host of other problems can arise in the midst of this, resulting in the process taking longer than ever. This is why your friend who took her computer to the repair shop didn’t get it back for three months.

But what if your computer doesn’t need a registry cleaner? Fact is, 3 out of 4 computers crash due to registry issues. This means EVERY computer needs a registry cleaner. As a matter of fact, those issues that seem like a hardware issue may actually be a software issue. That is how severely corrupted registry keys can affect your machine.

So don’t wait for your computer to slow down and don’t believe everything you hear about registry cleaners. Those rumors are usually the technicians trying to convince people that they are the only solution. Take it from the millions who use registry cleaners every day and have their machines back up and running efficiently in no time.

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