Dick Cheney’s Thoughts on Guantanamo Bay

In a speech this month former Vice President Dick Cheney stated that the prisoners being housed at Guantanamo Bay were in a good facility. Mr. Cheney feels that President Obama has made a mistake by ordering the facility be closed. In the former vice president’s opinion the people being held at Guantanamo Bay are prisoners of war. He does not understand how Guantanamo Bay can be closed because there is not another location or facility that can take these “worst of the worst” prisoners.

Mr. Cheney furthered his argument against closing the facility stating that the prisoners were being treated humanely. The International Red Cross has full access to the prisoners. While wearing something like a set of cheap nursing scrubs, they are allowed to meet with and treat prisoners. This access to prisoners of war for the International Red Cross is a basic right under the Geneva Convention’s rules for war.

According to the vice president not only does the International Red Cross have access to the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay but the prisoner’s home countries do as well. Most likely there are some restrictions to this access. Visitors from the prisoner’s home country probably cannot come for a visit wearing Koi nursing uniforms, but apparently access is being granted. Again, this access fits into accordance with the Geneva Convention.

However, the main argument Mr. Cheney made against closing Guantanamo Bay did not have anything to do with the Geneva Convention. He believes we must keep the facility open because we have nowhere else to put these prisoners. In a style that Mr. Cheney has made his own, he stated that if we did not keep Guantanamo Bay open then we would be forced to kill the prisoners. The former vice president must have realized that this statement was as silly as hunting big game animal print scrubs so he quickly stated that this was something the United States did not do.

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