The Little Voice – Subconscious Mind Power

The subconscious mind power – that seemingly little voice which you are unaware of that keeps on repeating again and again about these things. Have you ever wondered why you were inclined to do something which you didn’t exactly know why you did? Or maybe had a particular liking to something which you never thought you’ll like? It’s like your mind is telling you something that your body reacts to, doing the particular actions without your full awareness. Your best guess would be that it’s your other mind telling you about these things. And, of course, most of the time, you are completely unaware or maybe partially aware that such things have been happening.

A lot of things have been connected with this subconsciousness – but to Sigmund Freud, it has not been clearly defined as to there is something below our consciousness, or there is another consciousness. But as to the modern day people, subconscious mind power has often been linked with consumer marketing. People, as consumer, have another minds not very much connected to their awareness as to buying a particular product. Most marketing firms & advertising agencies have used this side of the mind to reach and to sell – and it is a fact that is happening nowadays. As with an interview by Manda Mahoney with Gerald Zaltman, the author of How Customers Think: Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market, he stated that exploring the unconscious mind has even more value than advertising.

You might ask yourself, how could this be possible? Take a look at this example as used by Zaltman: by knowing that products can induce a particular feeling or thought in a person’s mind, R&D experts can then proceed to develop products which actually fuel this feeling, thus making you buy a particular product. It’s the same as buying a particular soap with the scent of coconuts because it reminds you of your childhood when your mother used to embrace you as you inhale her scent from the coconut oil. This is your subconscious mind speaking to you – emitting feelings and emotions before when you hold that bar of soap in your hand.

Of course, advertisers and marketers have used this strategy for the past decades. Just try to stop and take a look at advertisement plastered on the walls of Wal-Mart or K-Mart – almost everything tries to trigger your sensations. And you, as a consumer, would tell yourself, “Oh yeah, I remember this when it was that…” etc. That’s your subconscious mind power – and you sometimes even take it for granted. It’s a powerful tool once you get to know it better, but it can also wear you down, just like Rebecca in Confessions of Shopaholic – she shops because the world seems to be a better place, and that little tiny card which can make her dreams come true, which in the end haunted her instead. Your mind is a powerful tool – don’t waste it. Learn to be at least conscious that your unconsciousness maybe the one bugging you to buy that divine perfume in Sephora with a price tag of a whole month’s worth of groceries.

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