The Difference Between a Coverlet and a Duvet Cover

When shopping for bed linens, it is important for you as the consumer to know what exactly you are purchasing. Making the wrong purchase can cause you to spend more than you intended to or just leave you with an unwanted item. Everyone is familiar with a comforter but not many are familiar with a duvet cover or coverlet. As you know, the comforter is a bed covering filled with natural or synthetic insulated material and encased in a shell/covering. It is used for isolation and decorating. But what exactly is a duvet or a coverlet?

For starters, a coverlet is a type of light weight bed covering which may be woven or quilted. Another word for coverlet is “Coverlid”. It comes from the French word “covrir” which means to cover and “lit” means bed. They fit much like a comforter in which they only cover the top of the bed. Bedspreads and coverlets have been said to be the same but they are not. A bedspread covers the entire bed, including the pillows. Coverlets do not cover the bed pillows and do not hang to the floor. They are most often used in conjunction with a dust ruffle and shams.

A duvet cover is much like a large pillow case, in which a comforter is placed inside of it and protected from dirt and soil. It can be used in the winter or the summer. Coverlets are not often used for isolation but is useful for travel or as a throw blanket. It is also great for hiding thicker layers of bedding. It is not necessary to have many layers of bedding when using a duvet cover since the duvet cover provides all the warmth needed. The thicker the comforter placed inside the cover, the warmer it you will feel. In the summer, you can remove the heavy comforter and replace it with a lighter fill. You can even use the duvet cover alone as a bed sheet. Both the coverlet and duvet cover can be used for decorative purposes. Coverlets are usually kept simple while duvets can be found in many styles and colors.

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