Yoga To Counter Insomnia

There are people who have absolutely no problem getting to sleep. Almost right after their heads fall into their pillows, they are gone to dreamland. Try as you would, you never could manage to do that.  You may have insomnia; that’s when it takes much time and effort for you to fall asleep and when you do and something wakes you up, you are already so wide awake. You can’t sleep anymore. You always wake up tired and heavy. It’s worse than not having slept at all.

Have you considered learning and doing Yoga for that insomnia? Yoga has several components that can bring your body to rest that sleep is a logical consequence. Make yoga part of your daily activities and you’ll soon realize you’re sleeping longer and more soundly. One very wonderful benefit, particularly if your insomnia is anxiety or stress-drive.

There are several types of Yoga, all of which you can access online, for more details and information. You just might be amazed at the bulk of information there presently is on yoga. There is also the still-common categorizing of yoga as a spiritual activity. Just focus on topics dealing with Yoga for insomnia.

You could try surfing for a yoga instructor who can give you the gist of Yoga practice. If you plan on yoga being part of your regular routine, you will see that it’s just like any scheduled work outs. Except that Yoga has a far different and deeper outcome on your peace of mind and serenity.  Yoga postures and breathing exercises can take you down from high anxiety levels and loosen up your tension-clenched joints and muscles. When you are relaxed, falling asleep won’t be a problem.

If you’d rather practice yoga privately at home, the internet can provide you with sites of Yoga learning videos where you wouldn’t have to do much reading. You can download and save or print these with the directions for you to just follow and execute by yourself. You could also hire a Yoga instructor to walk you through the poses and stretching exercises, in the familiar and private setting of your home. You could also purchase a book on Yoga and follow the exercises and postures illustrated or pictured therein.  These three options allow you to do Yoga at home, in your time and pace and, perhaps, before bedtime.

Do consult your doctor prior to doing yoga by yourself, to avoid new injury from some postures or aggravate existing conditions. These would be cited in books but the greater benefit, in this regard, is from a Yoga instructor who can assess you and your body’s readiness for Yoga.

Take note, the stretches and exercises in yoga are sure aids for getting that sleep you want, and Yoga can be performed by all ages, and, most of all, daily Yoga is your general key to wellness and peace of mind.

No matter the type of Yoga you choose for your insomnia, though, you will still be making stretches to relax your body, perform deep breathing and visualization exercises.  All of these three actions counter the anxiety-driven, stiff and tensed body, erratic breathing and complicated visualizations.

Yoga has the tendency to “attack” and deal with these and results in your falling into deep restful slumber.

Linda Adams enjoys all things health related.

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