The Difference Between Down and Regular Fill

Bedding is always filled with some sort of material, primarily your pillows and comforter. There are a ton of different materials but which one is the best? That can only be answered by you because everyone has their own preference. Some people like warm comforter, while other like soft fluffy comforters. Others may like down fill duvet inserts but at the same time prefer a memory foam pillow. There isn’t a certain type that is better than the other one it is what fells better to you and what you would prefer. But, they are all different and have different benefits and downsides.

One of the most popular fills is down, down fill is primarily all duck or goose feather. You will see a lot of snow clothing also made with down fill and that is because it is soft but can keep you very warm. Down fills can retain heat very well making them a perfect fill for comforters. When looking for the perfect down comforter you will notice that they come in different fill levels ranging from The thick the fill the warmer it will keep you. You can also find pillows will down fill at most bedding stores. Pillows made out of down fill are very soft and may not give as much neck support as some people may need.

You will also see a lot of down alternative comforters. There are a few reasons to go with a down alternative and that can be because you don’t like using anything that comes from an animal or because it is cheaper. They have synthetic materials that feel like down but in fact are completely man made. These can be great alternatives when looking to save money.

Another popular fill would be a plain cotton fill. These are by far the cheapest and most affordable fills you will find. Most of the time they do not offer fill weights like down does but they don’t retina heat at the same level. Being too hot or too cold is not really a concern with cotton fills. A lot of pillows are made with cotton fill and do give more support than what you may find with down fills.

If you are looking for a pillow with great neck support you may want to look into investing in a memory foam pillow. These pillows are among the most supportive but can cost a pretty penny. The most creates a temporary position of your head and next offering support where it is needed the most. If you are finding that you are not getting the support you need you may want to begin looking into a memory foam pillow.


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