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The Best In Blog Content

Attempting a blog that’s all things to all people can be good or bad. However, it’s good content that’s a drawing card to steady readership.

Staying on top of ideas and information to achieve good content for your blog isn’t really difficult. It takes practice in the art of research. Finding good content means staying current with reader interests. It would be easy to repeat scores of other blog contents, Unless your blog has a unique basis to offer visitors, it’s repetitious and redundant. This is where good research skills pull a blog ahead of myriad competitors on the internet.

The Five Most Important Research Details Choose from among five most important research details:

Who, What, When, Where or Why.

This is the principle journalists follow for media publication. It stands the test of time for good content for blogs too.

Each blog entry should have a basis incorporating one of these five principles. This makes it easier to find interesting content for your blog.

1: Starting Good Content With “Who”

If you begin with the “Who” principle, you can develop good content on a specific public figure. Use contrasts from other historical or previous public figures where possible. Choose a contemporary actor such as Tom Hanks, for example, for good content, try to contrast this actor’s achievements or acting style with an actor from the past like Montgomery Clift. This principle works with theatrical, political or figures of royal heritage. Or, the focus can be interaction between blogger and readers.

2: “What”

Is the Main Topic? If “What” is the choice for good content, develop it based on current, past or unusual events. With “What” as the main venue, it should link to overall content. Topics for “What” might be products or services for business blogs. It can also include article marketing for great follow through from sales campaigns.

3: “When”

A Time Piece Can Be Good Content If a blogger seeks good content based on events, this can also be current or historical happenings. “When” also serves as an announcement of upcoming sales or marketing campaigns or blog content can focus on planned topics for upcoming blogs.

4: “Where”

Are Best Locations To Find Blog Content Some of the best features of the principle “Where” in blog content is found locally or globally as suits blogger preferences.

5: “Why”

Is Blog Content A Great Opportunity? Blog content featuring the principle “Why” can be a stimulating interactive forum between blogger and readers like a B12 shot for blog content.

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