Thoughts On Discipline

Thoughts On Discipline Vs Child Abuse

There are a lot of factors that lead to child abuse. One of these factors is the old debate of discipline vs child abuse. In civilized societies, it is frowned upon to physically abuse a child when acting on discipline. The age old question of how far will discipline vs child abuse go is difficult to answer. There is a fine line between child discipline vs child abuse and this fine line may be crossed when there are other emotions in the way.

The Role Of Anger In Child Discipline Vs Child Abuse

When a parent thinks of child discipline vs child abuse, the parent will never intentionally abuse the child. The problem with rational thinking is that it is not accompanied by passionate feelings like anger and resentment which can trigger child abuse. When one is thinking rationally, he or she can not even imagine hurting his or her child. When the child acts up and the parent is already stressed, chances are between child discipline vs child abuse, the latter wins out.

Anger is one emotion that often blinds a person to what is right and wrong. This very passionate emotion can be dangerous when combined with the need to discipline a child. While not all people have angry outbursts which lead to the debate of discipline vs child abuse, some are often shocked when they feel the strength of the emotion.

The act of disciplining a child must not be combined with anger because there are chances that the act of discipline will go further than what it should be. Parents, teachers and other people who play an active role in a child’s upbringing should always have a steady head when it comes to disciplining a child. Discipline vs child abuse is brought to question when the person meting out the punishment is stressed out and can not act on the method of discipline properly.

Discipline vs child abuse is difficult to distinguish if the form of discipline is a physical punishment. Spanks, pinches and shaking are just a few of the physical punishments that often go astray into the world of child abuse when the person implementing these get carried away by anger and other emotions. This is the reason why many people are advocates of reprimands and non use of physical or corporal punishment as forms of discipline. It is quite difficult to take away the anger from a physical punishment since the act itself is considered violent and is a form of anger.

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