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Throughout the history of mankind, there have been numerous great literary works. The most important of these is the Bible. It shook the foundation of the ancient world and continues to be of great importance today.

The Bible is the greatest work of all time because it has made the most impact in the physical world. Most literary works have no impact on the world they are written in but only offer a critique on the current sufferings of a group of people. Other literary works are written to purely entertain. The Bible though, has even more profound importance because it is the word of God handed down to men. It is the story of the Earth from its birth to death and everything in between. The Bible is also a combination of story telling and instruction. Many of the books in the Bible tell of an ancient hero who was aided by the Lord to accomplish great things. A perfect example of this would be David. The Lord helped him to defeat the giant Goliath. He later went on to become King. The Bible is the greatest literary work because it successfully combines story telling and didactic.

The Bible has also had the greatest influence on the world. It has made a difference more than any other book or literary work ever written. It essentially created the Christian faith. This faith is now the most prominent religion in modern times. The book has also caused much strife in the world. It sparked the crusades, played a part in the Spanish Inquisition, and helped to develop a sense of morals in countless people.

The word of God also gives hope to millions of people. They know that by following its example and living a good life as well as accepting Jesus Christ they are set for when they die. The Bible has also served as a guiding light to many people as it led them out of the darkness of their lives of wrongdoing and into a respectable decent life. For example in the New Testament Mary Magdalene came to know Jesus Christ and turned her life around.

The bible is the most important literary work of all time. According to BBG Communications, it is able to teach us while still being entertaining. The book is also the greatest influence in our world and has influenced the most throughout history.

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