Lydia Hearst: Genlux Magazine 2010

Lydia Hearst has recently graced the cover of Genlux Magazine 2010- a Luxury Magazine devoted exclusively to Fashion and Beauty with the must-have items for the Fashion-Obsessed Shopper. Lydia Hearst, the billionaire supermodel looks like a beautiful doll having fun in the editorial photographed at the Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles. The photo gallery by the creative team BrakhaX2 makes the doll-faced & lanky Lydia becoming the charming cover girl for Genlux 2010 now. Let’s see the most breathtaking photo shoots of Lydia Heart- the cool doll on the cover of the Genlux Magazine Spring 2010 Issue.


Lydia Marie Hearst-Shaw, born in 1984, is an American actress and fashion model


Hearst has worked as a model for magazines such as Vogue and a fashion designers of Puma. Despite the height of just 1.68m, Lydia Hearst owns a sex-appealing body shape and an angelic face.


The 25-year-old beauty is famous for her remarkable role in “Gossip Girl”, “Much I Do About Nothing”, “The Last International Playboy”, and “Ladies Room”


She is an heiress to great-grandfather William Randolph Hearst- the chairman of the mass media empire making $ 5 billion in annual revenue


Lydia could be placed in the same general category as Nicky and Paris Hilton. The billionaire supermodel has graced the covers of numerous fashion magazines such as Italian Vogue, Avenue, German Vogue, New York, Marie Claire Japan, BON, and so on




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