Embroidery- The Joyful Art

It is one of my strongest personal beliefs that anyone who does embroidery can never be a bad person. The art of embroidery is so subtle, so passionate that anyone who indulges in it has to be someone with a lot of perseverance and of course a very good heart. The patience that the art requires is commendable and anyone who has that much of patience is truly to be appreciated.

Embroidery is also an art that projects joy and happiness. Most often the colors chosen for free embroidery and the embroidery designs are utterly delightful and a pure source of joy. Embroidery is hence one of the most joyful arts. The way the thread works with the fabric to make something of sheer beauty is just amazing. If seen separately, thread and fabric are just two simple objects not of much interest and use. But when worked with the love and care that embroidery requires, they can turn out to be beautiful objects that are loved and desired by all.

Another thing about embroidery that makes it so endearing is the way it can be used for any number of purposes. Embroidery can be put to use for clothes like sweaters, socks, jackets, shirts, gloves, mufflers, etc, for home dcor stuff like dining sheets, table mats, tea cozies, bed sheets and much more. The versatility of embroidery makes it all the more fun. This allows for limitless experimentation and you can mix and match designs and styles. Colors and fabrics can be experimented with each other and you may come out with something that is absolutely new and amazing.

Embroidery is one of the most ancient arts spread across a number of cultures. Most of the ancient civilizations have their own specific styles of embroidery that are still popular and are widely used. Thus embroidery designs is a joyful art that fills your life with color and vibrancy.

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