An Easy Process to Create More Happiness and Success in Relationships and Life

Today I want to offer you a process that I have found extremely helpful when everything seemed to be going wrong in my life. It is during these times that I know I am not being in alignment with my true self/higher self/soul/God nature whatever you like to call it. It is that part of us that sees all things and people with love and appreciation and is free from judgment. Whenever we are feeling less than loving we are separating ourselves from that true inner being that is our pure self. When we feel love, joy, and all things that make us happy, we are in alignment with that part of us some call our inner being. We feel our best when we are expressing loving thoughts because that’s who we truly are. We are made of God and God is pure love so when we express from that part of ourselves we feel wonderful and when we don’t act from that pure place we feel negative emotions.

I have been made more aware lately that these acts and thoughts of love must first start with the relationship you have with yourself. The world only reflects what we project so when we project fear in all its forms we see it appear in our external world as people doing the very thing that we have been fearful about. Have you had worrying thoughts of vulnerability, have you had worrying thoughts around trust, have you had worrying thoughts around lack of finances, have you had worrying thoughts around lack of acceptance or appreciation? If you answered yes to any of these worries you’re not alone. If you have been experiencing events that don’t please you stop and look for the thoughts that have been on your mind and see where the Universe has manifested events to match those thoughts.

For every topic there are thoughts of empowerment and thoughts of disempowerment. It is up to all of us to look for the empowering thoughts that surround a topic and ignore those disempowering thoughts if we want to draw more experiences of joy and success into our lives. What we focus on is what will show up in our lives so make a conscious effort to choose where you put your attention.

As a person who has been living more consciously than ever before I know only too well that this way of living takes practice. It is not something you do once and expect it to be completed. Make it a daily practice and watch wonderful things unfold in your life. You will recover from painful experiences much more quickly than ever before and you will experience much more happiness and success.

Life will still create experiences that are less than joyful and even down right painful because very few of us are able to stay in a place of pure positive energy all the time. As the Universe responds to all our thoughts there are sure to be times when the Universe will be matching thoughts of a negative nature. The difference is you will be able to bring yourself back to a place of peace and happiness more easily when you re-direct your thoughts back into those of empowerment and love. When you really understand that you are responsible for everything that happens in your life it can be confronting as it is the opposite of how most people see the world, but there are many processes that help with keeping our focus on positive, uplifting, supportive and empowering thoughts and this is a good one to start with.

Today is all we have as yesterday has gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet so it is where all our power to create lies. This process suggests you look just at today and focus on your most important relationship – the one you have with yourself. Try saying these affirmations as soon as you get out of bed and just take one day at a time.

Just for today I will be gentle on myself
Just for today I will allow myself to be where I am and not judge myself
Just for today I will see all the things that I like about myself
Just for today I will look for things that please me
Just for today I will be loving to myself
Just for today I will see myself as the wonderfully successful person I know I can be
Just for today I will accept my successes
Just for today I will play with all sorts of ways in which I can be successful
Just for today I will shower myself with loving and appreciative thoughts.

Where your attention goes energy flows so start the day with wonderful intentions.

Be gentle and enjoy your creations.


Gaynor is CEO of Advanced Success Life Coaching and is passionate about helping people achieve their passions. With over 25 years of Personal Development study and vast business knowledge Gaynor is well equipped to assist business owners, executives and individuals alike.
Individuals can achieve increased confidence, increased relationship and communication skills, reduced stress, greater clarity when faced with life’s challenges, a sense of direction and purpose, more vitality and zest for life plus a sense of peace and contentment.
Businesses can achieve greater profitability, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, build stronger and more enthusiastic teams, retain skilled staff, attract highly sort after staff and more, when they introduce the techniques Gaynor offers.

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